The best ice cream parlours in Barcelona

Best ice-cream parlours in Barcelona - Gowithoh

If you live in Barcelona, or if you’ve travelled there in the summer, you must be familiar with its heat and humidity, a lethal combination for those who have a hard time adapting to high temperatures. In those terms, Barcelona isn’t really that hot – surpassing 35 degrees Celsius isn’t a frequent event, even in the hottest days of July and August. However, a humidity of 60 or 70% makes those degrees harder to endure than in a dry climate. Showering with cold water is usually not enough, as you will be sweating again in 5 minutes. Going to the beach or the swimming pool provides only a momentary relief. So, how else can we battle the heat? The answer is pretty clear: Going to the best ice cream parlours in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan and international city, and that can be seen in the wide offer of international restaurants located in the city. Of course, in the ice cream parlours of Barcelona you can also try cuisines from different countries. We have prepared a list of the best options in this exciting Mediterranean city. Get ready for some yummy refreshments!

Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: The Classics

Let’s start with the classics, shall we? We can’t have a list of ice cream parlours in Barcelona without including Italian Gelato. One of the best is Delacrem, an artisanal gelato shop managed by Massimo Pignata, who offers gelato made with 100% natural products. It’s located in the neighbourhood of L’Eixample, in Enric Granados, 15.

Another very traditional ice cream shop is El Tio Ché, it has been run since over 100 years by the same family. They offer delicious ice cream and typical Spanish refreshments like tigernut milk (horchata) and lemonade (granizados). El Tio Ché is famous for the quality of their products, all of which are produced directly there. Tigernut milk is very healthy and entirely vegan. You can find them at Poblenou, at the Rambla del Poblenou, 44-46.

Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: Belgious

If the Italians are the masters of gelato, the Belgians are the masters of chocolate, and we could say that their expertise gives them some advantage in ice cream manufacturing, don’t you think? In Begious you will find ice cream made with the finest ingredients, such as Iranian pistacchios. Over 30 flavours as well as waffles, crepes and other sweet deliciousness. It’s located in the Rambla del Poblenou, 24, in the district of Sant Martí.


Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: Kakigori

Kakigori means ice cream in Japanese, and that’s what you will find in this ice cream parlour in Barcelona. Japanese ice cream is shaved ice with syrup, which is what gives them that strong and yummy flavour. It may sound less appealing, but we can guarantee that it is as refreshing and as tasty as any gelato. You will find Kakigori in the beautiful neighbourhood of Gràcia, in Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia.

The best ice cream parlours in Barcelona


Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: La Heladería Mexicana

If you like exotic flavours, the only Mexican ice-cream parlour in Barcelona is the best option for you. They offer just water-based ice cream, no cream, but, of course, they have all sorts of exotic fruity flavours such as mango and soursoup. If you like new experiences, you can choose one of their spicy flavours, such as the mango and chamoy. If you’re going with someone who doesn’t like ice cream (and if Barcelona’s heat doesn’t change his or her mind), they also offer typical Mexican pastries. It’s located in Mestrança, 49, in the Barceloneta.


Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: Shanti Gelato

In this international list of the best ice cream in Barcelona, we couldn’t not mention another country famous for its gelato, Argentina. In Shanti Gelato, Argentinians Daniel and Julieta specialise in fruity flavours and offer some original offers such as mojito sorbet. However, those who love typical Argentinian flavours won’t be disappointed, as they offer dulce de leche, málaga and other cream-based ice creams.  If you’re vegan, lactose or gluten intolerant, this is the place for you, as they offer a series of flavours made with rice, soy and almond milk. You will find it in Carders, 18, in the charming neighbourhood of El Born.

The best ice cream parlours in Barcelona - Gowithoh


Ice cream parlours in Barcelona: Rocambolesc

And we put an end to this list with the local best of the best. Rocambolesc is the ice cream project of chef Jordi Roca, one of the three brothers who manage the famous winning restaurant El celler de Can Roca, located in Girona, which has won 3 Michelin stars and is considered one of the best restaurants in the entire world. Jordi Roca is the chef who specialised in desserts, and a few years ago he opened this incredible gourmet ice cream parlour, located in Las Ramblas, right under the theatre of Liceu. Of course, it’s a bit more expensive than your regular ice cream, but it offers an unforgettable experience to your taste buds. They also offer all sort of unique flavours, such as asparagus with truffles or parmesan cheese, as well as fruity sorbets. You can also find crazy-shaped popsicles and gelato ice creams made with brioche. If you love ice cream, you risk spending all your holiday budget here.


Are you ready to try these ice cream parlours in Barcelona? As you can see, they are all located in different spots of the city, so you can do a real ice cream tour.  Which one was the most delicious? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!


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